Communities of Thinking (CoT) is a solution-driven Education, Technology and Music development Non-Profit Organization founded upon the realization and conviction that, Education with the incorporation of modern Technology and Music must stimulate the learners to use their thinking faculties in full capacity in order to address societal challenges.


CoT Solutions

Our Organization seeks to promote Quality Education through development and implementation of Innovative Project-based and Practical Learning Models whiles exposing learners, societies and the general public to uses and benefits of Technology and Music. This is what we're already doing through several assets-based Learning approaches.

  • Lead Advocacy to change schools into “communities of thinking”
  • Promote Innovative Assets-based & Experiential Learning Models in Schools
  • Increase Re-integration of School Drop-outs and promote Girls Re-Entry (Teenage mothers and Drop-outs)
  • To build Technology assisted Career Guidance model for at least 100 schools
  • To link Public Health and Education for better results in society.
  • Who has the right and the power to define Quality Education?
  • Does one size (model) fit all?
  • Are we achieving Adaptive and Holistic education?
  • These and many more are the questions that remain unanswered but stimulated the establishment of “Communities of Thinking” when the founder engaged other well-meaning colleagues in an academic discourse...Ream more...

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