Who We Are

"If schooling and learning must be crucial to changing lives in society, we probably do it through several assets-based learning approaches"........ 
Communities of Thinking (CoT) is a solution-driven Education, Technology and Music development Non-Profit Organization founded upon the realization and conviction that, Education with the incorporation of modern Technology and Music must stimulate the learners to use their thinking faculties in full capacity in order to address societal challenges. Our Organization seeks to promote Quality Education through development and implementation of Innovative Project-based and Practical Learning Models whiles exposing learners, societies and the general public to uses and benefits of Technology and Music. This is what we're already doing through several assets-based Learning approaches.

Our name basically refers not only to a Community but also “the School” which is supposed to be a type of Community where "Thinking Development" goes on.
At Communities of Thinking, we believe that we can provide solutions to society’s problems through project exploration opportunities for learners. Indeed we’re driven by Passion, Practice and Excellence.
Promoting Assets-based learning and Skills development through Inclusive and analytical thinking initiatives.
Societies with Unique solutions to challenges
  • Who has the right and the power to define Quality Education?
  • Does one size (model) fit all?
  • Are we achieving Adaptive and Holistic education?

These and many more are the questions that remain unanswered but stimulated the establishment of “Communities of Thinking” when the founder engaged other well-meaning colleagues in an academic discourse to assess the causes and extent of the gap that exists between the Education we achieve and the numerous developmental challenges that still exist in our communities.

Learning achievements of children in schools must be meaningful to the needs and challenges of society. Education is but the single most important tool that can be used to achieve such learning achievements.

Learning therefore must be a mixture of involvement and understanding in the right proportions. Children in most schools in Ghana and other parts of Africa or the world have not been offered with the opportunity of involvement in the learning process. It has become necessary to introduce a new way of doing things that will challenge young learners to become highly creative and innovative.

The idea therefore in forming this organization and developing and implementing various concepts is to introduce new dimensions of Practical Project-based learning and experimentation into the schools which will be encouraged and expected to develop models that give different approaches to learning and problem solving in our schools and communities / societies.

In 2015, Mr. Bright Dey founded Communities of Thinking after experiencing different levels of exposure and learning from two international learning and leadership trips to Israel and USA in 2014 and 2015 respectively. He mobilized like-minded colleagues to discuss how best various societies can be changed for the best through Edu action, Technology and music.

CoT introduced and implemented the Teachers Creative Pedagogy Conference (TCPC) in August 2016 and had a huge patronage from teachers and education practitioners. Since then, CoT has been involved in several development activities.